Concrete steel consumption

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Concrete steel consumption

Concrete steel consumption
Concrete consumption and steel consumption of ordinary residential buildings:
1. Multi-storey masonry houses:
Rebar 30KG/㎡
Concrete 0.3—0.33m3/㎡
2. Multi-layer frame
Rebar 38—42KG/㎡
Concrete 0.33—0.35m3/㎡
3. Small high-rise floors 11-12
Rebar 50—52KG/㎡
Concrete 0.35m3/㎡
4. High-rise floors 17-18
Rebar 54—60KG/㎡
Concrete 0.36m3/㎡
5. H=94 meters on the 30th floor of the high-rise
Rebar 65—75KG/㎡
Concrete 0.42—0.47m3/㎡
6. H=90 meters on the 28th floor of a high-rise hotel-style apartment
Rebar 65—70KG/㎡
Concrete 0.38—0.42m3/㎡
7. The amount of concrete and steel used in villas is between the multi-storey masonry houses and the 11-12 floors of high-rise buildings.
The above data are designed according to the rules of the 7-degree seismic zone



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